Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Weekend Private House with Huge Terrace by Arteks Arquitectura

Architect: ARTEKS Arquitectura
Location: Lleida, Spain
Architects in charge: Gerard Veciana Membrado & Elisabet Faura Pavia
Arteks Collaborators: Carlos Cobreros, Gemma Roca, Andrea Furlan
External Collaborators: Casa O_David Tapias & Nuria Salvador
Constructed Area: 270 sqm
Project Year: 2007
Structural Engineering: Pascual Sandalinas
Facilities Engineering: Ateci_enginyeria installations
Photographs: Arteks Arquitectura
Architects Website:

This weekend private house for couple with 3 teenagers sons is located in lleida, Spain designed by Arteks Arquitectura. The owner wishes to have a great garden view overlooking at the golf course with a huge terrace and and the site must be keep like it is.

Private house to be used the weekend.
A couple with 3 teenagers sons.
PB+penthouse for the couple
P-1 for the sons and friends
REFUGE Leaving-room separated from the kitchen-dinning-room.
Main access through the kitchen.

Architectural proposal
The house is buried and the main fa├žade is orientated south-west. Many and diferent kinds of “brisse-solei” all over the windows. The big ones are mobile.

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