Monday, 20 December 2010

Zero Green Energy Prefab House

This green prefab put on by French architecture magazine, Architectures à Vivre, was on display last weekend at the Batimat Show in Paris. I think it's called La Maison de Demain, which I also think is French for House of Tomorrow, so we'll go with that as the name. Their website is in French.

The home is built with three prefabricated modules and is meant to show that green design can be affordable and attractive. An important aspect of the house is the open area in the middle, which could be as a covered patio to extend the footprint of the home into the natural environment.

Everything about the home is green, too, as far as I can tell: FSC-certified wood and siding, green label paints, low-VOC recycled carpet tiles, LED lighting, low-flow toilet, reinforced insulation, and photovoltaic panels. You'll also notice the living roof that provides numerous efficiency benefits (and seems to get water from the slanted roof). In the end, the compact, modern home is very efficient. Matter of fact, it's nearly net zero energy consumption once the solar panels are live. Nice.

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