Monday, 20 December 2010

Best house on a T House | By Wolfgang Feyferlik and Susi Fritzer

On top of a hill, a part of what once was a historical park, is a black box that peaks the curiosity of anyone passing by. Émergeant of dense black forest as a rock, it is drawing international attention with its absolute and with a volume of lines and color: House T by the German architect Wolfgang Feyferlik and Austrian architect Susi Fritzer.


In fact, the box is stronger than the dark-colored glass. Enclosed by transparent on three sides, the only solid wall outside the home. Clad, and the roof, black PVC, it made a great contrast with the rest of the materials in construction, and the lush green surroundings. Even in winter, when snow fills the landscape, the house looks like a solid rock away.


Built half of what was originally planned by the owners, the precise conception of the house at one level, thus avoiding ruin the view from the surrounding area. The design of the interior includes a large central space, devoid of any structural elements, with the roof of suspension.


The connection with the surrounding environment is more obvious than most buildings: having kept every single tree of the park intact, the house even incorporates one within its open areas, through its roof. Also, the slope of the roof does not end in a gutter, but lets rainwater fall gently on to the black wall, looking like a waterfall.


This house is also become a smart house : why is that..?

Thats is becouse the room part of this house which is a children's rooms are built in such a way that they can be completely separated from the rest of the house, thus creating a second unit.


This house total square area is about 200 square meters. and building cost for 1,325 Euros per square meter.


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