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Best on a Writer's House | By Gianni Botsford's

Gianni Botsford architect and his company aimed to "create an architecture of adaptation at the local level; The climate, environment and culture. "Their approach, according to their website, is to avoid falling into the preconceived solutions to design problems through a process of detailed analysis of the site and briefly before any design phase, and have experience in many sectors and at every level-the master plan of product design. They work with a wide range of consultants, education, and collaborations with architects, artisans and artists, to broaden the outlook of the studio.


Located on a beach route of the Caribbean coast,Casa Kike is a home of a writer. Specifically, the architect's father. A house designed as a retreat for him, he had to accommodate its 16,000 collection of books. In combination with his environment, he has created a unique challenge for Botsford.


The collection of books suggested layout and interior solutions. Then, the techniques have been combined with modern technology and design in a lightweight structure of wood covered with sheets of metal and glass face at both ends.


The building is composed of two pavilions in the form of parallel, sitting pretty elevated 1.2 meters high. In response to the tropical environment of Costa Rica with its high levels of sunlight and rain, Botsford using detail analysis software environment, and culture, using local building techniques and equipment.


Because of this, the roof has become the main element of the design. The mere parallelogram which has been developed is relative to the sun, in order to ensure full shade all day, yet open to the front and back to allow the breeze naturally cool the house. All the trees were maintained with the home forged between them.


Of course, the building is not without its share of "problems". Botsford's father, as a creator himself, felt that it might make changes to its whim. Pointing out to him that the architect of the customer relationship is a bit like that shared between the writer and editor, with the constant changes in a text, it ends.

Budget £55,000
Contractor : Lechenne Construction
Structural Engineers : Tall Engineers

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