Monday, 20 December 2010

Concept Design, modular house, eco-friendly, and Prefabricated

Here is the best house that called M house i found in worldarchitecturenews,
The designer Michael Jantzen's is a well known designer and artist who have many published his work and interviewed by many magazine publisher such as architectural record, architecture magazine, Architecttural digest and many more magazine design publisher.

Text :
Relocatable M-vironment are made of a wide range variety of manipulatable components that can be connected in many different ways to a matrix of modular support frames. The frames can be asembled and disassembled in different ways to accomodate a wide range of changing needs. The M-House shown here is made from M-vironment system. It consist of a series of rectangular panels that are attached with hinged to the cubes in either a horizontal or a vertical orientation. The hinges allow the panel to fold into or out of the cube frames to perform various functions.

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