Monday, 20 December 2010

Modern Marine Homes "Villa Nakros" By Swedish architect, Staffan Strindberg

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"The sun glints on the water, the wave gently lap, the beautiful scent of the sea seduces the sense, after a morning swim, the coffe taste lovely". That is the great feeling and sensation that you can feels if you were there spending your time on this cool waterfront home that was called "Villa Nackros", yup, this great seaside villa was designed by Swedish architect, Staffan Strindberg. The Architect initiated the project for a specific customer but without a specific place, so he had to shape an imaginary place to start.

This Modern Marine Homes "Villa Nakros" is situated in the town of Kalmar on the east coast of Sweden, Villa Nackros is a world away from the traditional 'houseboats' of the past. Villa Nackros offers a spacious, contemporary living environment that combines all the luxuries of the modern day home with the spatial freedom and unrivalled views that only waterfront living can provide.

The red of the facade is a classic red Sweden, and the house can talk to the other in Kalmar and those of the fishermen on the island of Änglö. The external material, except some detail in wood, disregarding maintenance, and the shell devoid of thermal bridges.

The whole building of Näckros Villa is surrounded by an aluminium-mooring bar so a boat can be easily fastened. The house is constructed to be placed beside a jetty or pier whilst the welcoming entry hall is reached via a jetty from dry land.

Villa Nakros Description :
Module : 12 m x 12 m
Area size: 178 m2
6 rooms and a kitchen
2 terraces 25 and 100 m2
74 m2 of window
165 ton construction weight
Under water: 1.3 m.

Näckros Villa was nominated for the Award of the Construction Industry of Sweden as "Building of the Year 2003".

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