Thursday, 23 December 2010

Expandable Dining Tables Ideas from Hülsta

Expandable Dining Tables Ideas from Hülsta

This new range of modern minimalist dining room furniture is very attractive with its expandable dining tables ideas. Brought to you by Huelsta, These modern dining tables have comfortable and very practical top constructions, which allow to easily expand them. These dining tables furniture are available in various finishes that allow you to choose the right one for your modern interior design space.

The first model ET 1500 stands out from two others by its sculptural shape and original base. The base is quite big, but provides ample legroom. If you prefer more traditional dining tables with 4 legs then ET 1000 plus or ET 1400 could become a stylish centerpiece of your modern dining room. For further information about this cool sample of expandable dining table furniture gallery, Visit Hulsta official website - here.

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