Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Home Renovation by HHF Architects

A renovation project for a new living space by HHF Architects. This independent structure creates a new living space under the roof and changes the unwanted conventional look of the house built in 1957. The house is standing in between two icons of Modern Swiss Architecture, on one side a Villa by Artaria & Schmitt and on the other side a Villa by the architect Hermann Preiswerk.

The roof is covered with wide metal sheets of a copper-titaneum-zinc-alloy. The surface treatment of the material looks more like a textile surface, than a common tin roof. The new form of the roof with the flattened ridge and the solid chimney alludes to the weekend house on the Tessenberg, designed by Paul Artaria.

In order to keep the costs low by profiting of synergies, the project and the construction of the building were planned simultaneously. To save the costs of an expensive emergency roof the new roof was put up over the existing one. The old roof was torn down only after the new one was sealed.

Home Renovation Interior by HHF Architects

The waisted floorplan strengthens the perspective and projects the surrounding nature of the garden through the fully glassed openings back into the two seperate rooms.

Home Renovation by HHF Architects

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