Wednesday, 22 December 2010

House on Lake Rupanco by Beals Architects

This Lake Rupanco House is designed by Alejandro Beals & Christian Beals Architects, This Residence is located on the edge of lake Rupanco, in the south of Chile. The 160 x 30 meters site has a 36 meters slope and south-facing views of the lake.

The house is organised in two parallel volumes in a woodland clearing, with each element oriented towards its optimum rapport with the landscape.

The outside of the house blends in with the surroundings by borrowing the shapes and textures fo the buildings in the area. The structure is of pine, the facades of treated pine and the interior facings of untreated mañio and ulmu wood. The exterior has been treated with a black sealer to protect them from the persistent rain.

The house programme includes a lounge and an offiec where books, photos and fishing tackle could be kept. The dining room, kitchen and terrace have visual continuity, participating together and separately in the same space.

On the upper floor, the bedrooms are arranged at the far ends of the volumes and connected by a wide corridor that converts this space into an extra area. This gallery extends outwards until it touches the high part of the terrain, making use of the natural slope and generating a secondary, independent entrance.

Architects: Alejandro Beals, Christian Beals
Location: Lago Rupanco, Region de los Lagos, Chile
Design Year: 2004-2005
Construction Year: 2005-2006
Collaborator: Loreto Lyon
Structure: Patricio Stagno
Contractor: Nicolás Aranguiz, Mauricio Carrasco
Site Area: 5,000 sqm
Constructed Area: 280 sqm

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