Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Six Townhomes by Sebastian Mariscal Architecture

This Six Townhomes project is a portfolio of well-regarded contemporary housing project throughout the city of San Diego's most desirable and expensive neighborhoods. Designed by Sebastian Mariscal Architects whose become the architects, developer, and also contractor of this Six townhomes project.

Six Townhouse sits on a sloping lot on a curving street, a topographic condition made subtly evident as the apparently identical units curve and drop with the terrain. The rowhouses sit atop an underground garage accessible from the side street on the low side of the site; they address the sidwalk through a small gate in a hedge that provides privacy to the open unit beyond.

Each rowhouse is composed of two parts that are expressed in their finish materials. Service elements ( stairs, elevators, storage, and the like ) are placed in limestone-clad pylons that act as sound gaskets between tne units. All living spaces are contained in wood boxes that bridge between the stone pylons.

The wood boxes, clad completely in ipe contain bedrooms a the second and third floors. Under the wood box, a large loft-like space for the kitchen and living area extends into gardens on both ends. This connection is made seamless by the use of fold-away glass doors that completely open both ends of the room. Ipe flooring runs outside as decking in both directions, connectiong the garden and terrace areas to the interior.

Six Townhouses is a quintessentially Southern California housing scheme that builds on a legacy of seamless connections between house and garden. The real genius of Six that it accomplishes this with such a deceptively simple kit-of-parts.

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