Monday, 20 December 2010

LoftCube Prefab House | By Werner Aisslinger

The prefabricated house of Loftcube, designed by Werner Aisslinger and machinée by and8, is appropriate to the house prefabricated minimalistic with the people of a life style, a life and an operation nomads for short periods in large cities and urban sectors dense.

This prefabricated house modern A a surface on the ground of roughly forty square meters established on the empty flat roofs of the existing buildings, the sanctuary of offer and the social structure. I can just imagine the sight of the city.

As on yachts the organic structure of reinforcement is composed of the reinforced plastics of glass (GRP) while the frontages are made reinforcements of structural timber and glass or panels.

Interior view from loftcube prefab house......., nice and wonderful view, minimalis and clean...

The body of the Loftcube can be customized according to the user’s desires. The four outer walls consist of individual segments available in transparent, translucent or closed versions, while louvre windows with horizontal slats provide this unique prefab home with ventilation.

The interior can also be customized with fixed and sliding panels providing individual partitioning such as, living and sleeping areas, kitchen and bathroom. Werner Aisslinger, the head of studio aisslinger who designed the Loftcube prefab home, believes that 21st century design will advance towards the sophisticated use of new materials and technologies.

Instant penthouse.

Urban rooftops are the real estate of choice for the transportable 40 sq. meter Loftcube, but why stop there? The weight of the cube has been calculated for transport by helicopter. Mountaintops, islands and other remote places are now equally interesting for this minimalist structure with its walls of glass. As expected, the entire structure can be customized to adjust the degree of translucence and subdivided per individual taste and requirement. Price is 55,000 EU. Thanks Andrew!

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