Monday, 20 December 2010

Modern RED Inclination House | By Michael S. Antenora, AIA

Project: Ramp House, Austin
Client: T.E. Kolenda
Architect: M.J. Neal Architect
Contractor: M.J. Neal Development
Consultants: Structures by Jerry Garcia (structural)
Photographer: Joe Pettyjohn

Let's take a look closer to one of one design award by Texas Society of Architects / AIA, a house called 'the ramp house'. A nice looking house by geometrical composition.

The floor plan of ramp house you can see above, shown the siteplan , foor plan and section plam of the building

The Room of slope is a study in time and movement,” known as Neal, who lives in the house with his family. “I wanted to play with the fourth dimension, stop watch; deliberately to slow down the step of the voyage by the house. I wanted that the people tested the order of space differently that just packing in top

The red color determine the house's masculine look. The owner said in the website that it is a 'time experience', rather than just racing upstairs. Finally there is the most of spatial experience in the house.

The architect also has a big consideration on scale and proportion, as well as connection with the history of the site and its surroundings.

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