Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Maurer Residence by Allen + Maurer Architects

The Maurer Residence

This residence is designed by Allen+Maurer Architects, located in Naramata, British Columbia, Canada.

From the architects:
No tree was cut, no rock was blasted, no contours remodelled. 4 small buildings surrounded by existing trees form a private, tranquill garden. The simple shed roofs flow with the land toward a splendid view of Okanagan Lake.

The Maurer Residence

“Form-Follows-Physics” guided the design: simple roofs, no roof intersections, large overhangs, good ventilation, finishes that are durable and appropriate to the climate: tile flooring, metal cladding and -roofing, state-of-the-art Low-E glazing.

Placement of buildings, roof overhangs, existing mature trees, performance of glazing product, thermal mass of concrete slab and tile flooring, all reduce heat gain in summer and made air conditioning unnecessary.

The Maurer Residence

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