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Vanguard Way House by Morrison Seifert Murphy

Vanguard Way House by Morrison Seifert Murphy

Vanguard Way House is the latest residential project designed by Morrison Seifert. A 2700 square foot house, located in Urban Reserve, Dallas, Texas. This was the first house completed in a new Dallas neighborhood devoted entirely to Modernism. As our clients were the first, they were able to select a premier albeit irregularly-shaped site that overlooks a public park and waterway.

Vanguard Way House

We accommodated the program in a compact, two-story structure that essentially extends to the buildable limits of the property but reserves some space for private outdoor uses. The garage, accessed via an open motor court, can double as a photographic studio.

Vanguard Way House by Morrison Seifert MurphyVanguard Way House 10

Guests enter from the street under a covered porch that leads to a double- height entry that is illuminated from above. The space compresses just before entering the next double-height volume of the living room. This space is adjoined by the dining space and kitchen. The master bath, dining space and living space are arranged enfilade about a centerline that leads through a double-height window wall to a sculpture garden and the park beyond. The guest suite above dining space is organized about this same axis and has its own view to the park and waterway.

Vanguard Way House by Morrison Seifert Murphy

The master suite adjoins a walled terrace containing a spa and fireplace. With the sliding panels open these spaces can be used as one. The powder bath is an exquisite space best explained by the images contained herein. Suffice to say that due to its unique plan and dramatic presence the owners have made it a part of the entry experience.

The entire house is rendered in hard-troweled, white stucco with sealed concrete floors throughout the ground level.

Vanguard Way House Detail:
Architects: Morrison Seifert Murphy
Location: Dallas, Texas, USA
Architect in Charge: Lionel Morrison, FAIA
Project year: 2007
Constructed Area: 250 sqm
Engineering: David Bowick, Blackwell Engineering
Construction: Kropf Industries, Penfold Construction
Photographs: Morrison Seifert Murphy

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