Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Modern Omnibus House by Gubbins Architects

Modern Omnibus House by Gubbins Architects

The house is located on the bus near the Quebrada de Aguas Claras, at the top of the entrance coming from Laguna Cachagua Zapallar in soft ground with a slope and surrounded by tall eucalyptus trees and numerous, and that faces the chain surrounding hills and Cachagua Zapallar with a distant view of the Pacific Ocean. Housing in the form of a horizontal rectangular body of 23.5 m. long x 7.00 m. wide and 3.50 m. high, is installed on a socket, from where it joins up the main floor and then to the roof terrace.

Modern Omnibus House Gubbins

The life and leisure space

In order to break the seasonality typical of the enclosures have a housing generally in the urban architecture: kitchen, dining-be, bedrooms, this house presents a double movement which breaks down these halls to become the day, more than a sum of individuals in an additional amount of locations to one another, giving rise to a form of living far from the city and close to the game.

The construction of this longitudinal perspective inside the body, using a deck of concrete in an irregular manner, increases the feeling of spaciousness and continuity of each compound with the total and the environment, through transparency, reflections, vertical and transversal luminosity.

Modern Omnibus

Inhabiting the outside from the inside

Living abroad in a rest home is not only through the route of the place and the forest, but through the house, which in turn provides, through its own structure and arrangement, to rediscover New Perspectives from the height of the roof terrace, from the terrace via the living area, from the corridor or gallery with the main fa├žade and nestled in the socket.

Modern Omnibus House by Gubbins Architects

An architecture with traces of sustainability

The main facade of 23.5 m by 3.1 m high due to its north, offers the possibility of becoming a great collector of solar radiation it delivers at night the temperature in the day gained by the mass, floors , walls and slabs of concrete.

Construction and Materiality

The use of concrete as an aggregate of mass required in the place, and its color must complement the existing trees, the possibility of large lights and the use of different textures, a result of the molding table instead of the barrack.

Modern Omnibus House by Gubbins Architects

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