Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Rustic Canyon Residence by Griffin Enright Architects

Rustic Canyon Residence

Designed by the firm that was founded on the belief that collaboration yields the most innovative, creative, forward-thinking design, Griffin Enright Architects. This Rustic Canyon Residence set out to invert the conventional means of organizing a single family home, taking an existing, highly compartmentalized ranch dwelling and converting it in to a contemporary space for living that allows for expansive open spaces and a welcoming, informal atmosphere. Above these spaces, an existing pitched roof is cut laterally and folded back up in order to blend the interior with the landscape.

Rustic Canyon Residence5

This blurring internalizes a hillside garden where an existing, 300 year old Sycamore tree becomes the new centerpiece of the expanded house. While the public areas are open and blend seamlessly with one another, the Library trades openness and informality for introspection and tranquility, anchored by a fireplace that floats in glass with the hillside and ancient tree just beyond.

Rustic Canyon Residence2Rustic Canyon Residence3

Rustic Canyon Residence4Rustic Canyon Residence6

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