Monday, 20 December 2010

Nice panoramic of pacific ocean on House O by Sou-Fujimoto Architect

The house that located on a rocky coast facing the Pacific Ocean is a weekend house for couple to spend their time enjoying nice panoramic of pacific ocean. "House with feeling of ocean nearby" is the request from the client. This House O has a various and different directions or views facing to the Ocean, such as in every room area that has its nique relation to the ocean, such as a living area, bedroom and bathroom.

Here some project description that describe the House O much more detail :
project: House O
location: Chiba,Japan
site area: 656.46 sq m
building area: 128.94 sq m
total floor area: 128.94 sq m
structure: RC; 1 stories
principal use: residence

You can find this project at Sou-Fujimoto site here

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