Monday, 20 December 2010

Prototype of Modern House for Indonesian people by Yudha Ratmawan

A young architect from Indonesia Yudha Ratmawan had designed this cool prefab house for Prototype of Modern House in Large City of Indonesia. He is one of my partner that i have meet last time and helpin me doin some animation in architectural 3d design which is also become his expertise.

Anyway let talk about this prototype of modern house design that was made for his final project at UII, This design is one of the problem solving that he offer for indonesian housing which have meet all criteria in effectivity, simplicty, and efficiency.

This House design use 3 x 3m module for structure and has 2 house module dimension, one is 9 x 18m module and 12 x 15 m. Image 1 to 4 describe the model that using 9 x 18m module and the image from 5 to 8 describe the 12 x 15 m module.

The interestin one about this design is you still have a lot of alternatif models that you can pick if you try to using this modern house prototype, you can ask how many rooms you need, how is the facade and model will look like to make your house different from the other.

See also the complete review at here via perspektif magazine.

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