Monday, 20 December 2010

Simple Minimalis House | From Arkinetia

Arkinetia shows us one simple house design in rectangle shape, minimalist form in Spain.
The house represent closure and openness to the open space of grass and the sense of horizontality.

Study of architecture + minimalis house in Formentera
Between the study and the house there is a nucleus of services that separates the work of the private life and simultaneously it equips them with bookstore, file, bath, cooks, beds, closets, facilities and two walls tracks which they allow to fragment the two main zones, secreting more intimate spaces like an annexed office or a room of guests.

One obtains therefore to a certain flexibility and multifunctionality. Surrounding that contains the program (12x12 the meters) extends generating spaces of inner-outer transition, fundamental in these latitudes.

The 3d design model house before its production

The miniatur of the house shown us a several view to the house thru front and back view.

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