Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Wooden House by Sporadical s.r.o.

Wooden House by Sporadical

Central Bohemia, Czech Republic
This Wooden House that was designed by Czech architects, from Sporadical is situated at the highest point of the northwards slope of a former arboretum, with a total area of 1.57 ha. It’s a three floors economical and spacious weekend house, surrounded by nature, that has an open residential ground floor, an enclosed bedroom floor, and a rooftop terrace. The wish of the investor was to create an economical residence with light and spacious rooms, closely linked to the natural surroundings.

Wooden House by Czech Architects

The ground floor (the living are) is a great concept that was built as a central core, forming a single space that looks into the forest through large expanses of glass. The structure comes with movable walls which allows to separate the living area and the kitchen if you like, or turn the southern corridor section as a winter garden.

The upper floor is the quiet part of the house, with the bedrooms and a large bath, plus a “secret” staircase that leads along the facade to the rooftop terrace, for a pleasant and relaxing time under the open sky.

Wooden House by Sporadical s.r.o.

Because it’s built on a wooden frame with thinner outside walls (reinforced OSB slabs), the construction time was shorter than usual. What I would like to know is how much the owners had to pay for that house, because it sure is a great escape from the busy towns we probably work in.

The essential construction is formed by a wooden frame, allowing the exterior walls to be thinner and shortening the construction time. In the upper floor, the exterior walls are reinforced OSB slabs, which are part of the composition of the wall and simultaneously fulfil the function of vapour barriers.

On the ground floor, the façade is formed from full-length sheets of insulating glass, anchored into the load-bearing pillars of the frame, along with small bottom-hung windows for ventilation and long French windows. The exterior cladding of the façade in the upper floor is of unplanned boards treated with protective varnish.”

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